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We design software for sound spatialization

SpatGRIS is designed for multichannel spatilialization in 2D. ServerGRIS is designed for multichannel spatilialization in 3D.


SpatGRIS 2D plugin

The SpatGRIS is a plugin (Mac AU/VST and VST Windows format) designed to compose multichannel space. It allows the user to spatialize the sound in 2D (up to 16 speakers) or in 3D (up to 128 speakers) under a dome of speakers (with the ServerGRIS, available also on SourceForge). It includes two audio modes, — Free Volume and PanSpan — and one OSC mode. SpatGRIS is a fusion of two former plugins by the GRIS: OctoGRIS and ZirkOSC with a lot of new features. Automated Trajectories are included. It is possible to control it from external controllers such as Joystick, iPad or Leap Motion.

A Quick Start document as well as a complete manual is provided. SpatGRIS is available on SourceForge. It’s free and Open Source.

SpatGRIS, Version 1.01, August 2017


ServerGRIS 3D software

The ServerGRIS is an external multichannel sound spatializer for different configurations of speakers in 2D (plane mode: X and Y axis) or 3D (vertical mode: X, Y and Z axis). The Server may include up to 128 inputs and outputs. The movements are sent from the SpatGRIS in OSC mode to the Server. The audio spatialization itself is made by the ServerGRIS and sent to the audio interface. VBAP (Dome of speakers), BINAURAL (Headphones) and STEREO (Two speakers) modes are available. It is based on the JackRouter HAL plugin which is installed at the same time as the Server. ServerGRIS is multiclient. It includes a multitrack recorder. The Speaker setup design is included in the software.

A Quick Start document as well as a complete manual is provided. ServerGRIS is available on SourceForge. It’s free and Open Source.

ServerGRIS, Version 1.04, March 2018


What they look like

Screenshots of SpatGRIS and ServerGRIS

SpatGRIS 2D View

ServerGRIS 3D View

SpatGRIS Trajectories

ServerGRIS Interface

SpatGRIS Configuration

ServerGRIS Settings

ControlGRIS Features (work in progress)

– A new plugin to control ServerGRIS
– 3D control
– OSC only
– All versions : AU, VST, VST3, AAX
– Date of publication : Mac version, Winter 2019.


How many channels is it possible to spatialize with ServerGRIS ?
In practice, we decided to limit the amount of input channels and the number of speakers to 128. We think this should be enough for the vast majority of potential situations in concert.

ServerGRIS is based on Jack. Should I learn to use this one ?
Hopefully not ! This is the advantage of ServerGRIS, since Jack runs in the background without you having to worry about it.

Can I do a quick test to see if it suits me ?
Absolutely. We have written a document called Quick Start Guide that allows you in 12 easy steps to configure your system. Works every time.

How to control spatialization with ServerGRIS ?
Right now, the best tool is the SpatGRIS which is a plug-in that you insert into your favourite sequencer. It is SpatGRIS that sends OSC data to ServerGRIS to establish positions and trajectories. We are currently working on a new plugin, ControlGRIS, which will have more advanced features than currently available.

How many algorithms are there in ServerGRIS ?
There are four in ServerGRIS version 2 : 1) Vector Base Amplitude Panning (VBAP), for loudspeaker domes, 2) Layer Base Amplitude Panning (LBAP), for all other speaker configurations, 3) Binaural, for listening to headphones at home, 4) Stereo, for stereo listening on speakers.

Does ServerGRIS work on all platforms ?
For now, ServerGRIS only works on Mac. But we plan to publish later this year a Windows version.


ServerGRIS Overview

Our Awesome Team

A group of composers from the Faculté de musique at Université de Montréal.

Robert Normandeau

Director Composer and professor

Olivier Bélanger

Programmer Composer and programmer

Christophe Lengelé

Research Assistant Composer, doctoral student

David Ledoux

Research Assistant Composer, master’s student

Nicola Giannini

Research Assistant Composer, doctoral student

Yohan Brimicombe

Research Assistant Composer, master’s student, exchange programme



Too many!




Contact us

We are a small team, but we are the first users of our software. Please send us comments, testimony, suggestions, bugs, We’ll do our best to enhance your experience with multichannel spatialization.

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